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While the Disposable Stik-on-Bib™ (the original bib that sticks on) does not damage the fabric and/or material of most clothing, please proceed with caution if applying to silk, suede or other sensitive material (“Sensitive Material”). When applied to such Sensitive Material, the adhesive may pull the clothing when the bib is removed. This may cause damage to the such clothing. Bib~Eez,LLC, LLC (“Bib~Eez”) has provided this notice or warning to consumer (“Consumer”) so that Consumer understands that damage may be caused to Sensitive Material if Consumer uses the Stik-on Bib on such Sensitive Material and therefore applying the Stik-on Bib to Sensitive Material is at Consumer’s own risk. Bib~Eez shall not be responsible for any damage that may arise from the application of the Stik-on Bib to Sensitive Material. Consumer hereby agrees to hold Bib~Eez harmless and indemnify Bib~Eez from and against any claims arising from the application of the Stik-on Bib to Sensitive Material.

The Stik-on Bib does not contain any toxic elements but it is a paper product. Consumer should not allow any wearer of the Stik-on Bib to chew and/or swallow any paper products including the Stik-on Bib.

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