Company Information 

Bib~Eez, LLC is a Limited Liability Company located in Los Angeles, California. The Company specializes in the manufacturing of children’s products for wholesale and retail markets. In 1995, the company owners established Bernard & Ladson Enterprises and thereafter converged the business from a partnership to a Limited Liability Company, Bib~Eez, LLC in 1999.

One of the company’s most revolutionary products is its patented Disposable Stik-on Bib™ (the original bib that sticks on) which has proven to be the preferred alternative to traditional bibs. Amongst its many features and benefits, the Stik-on Bib™ has received outstanding reviews and among the reasons is its distinct safety feature. The Stik-on Bib™ does not tie or otherwise affix around the neck and parents boast about the fact that the bib does not pose the risk of strangulation.

The Disposable Stik-on-Bib™ has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, in serveral press releases and on a Los Angeles morning show. Enjoy all of the benefits and features of the Disposable Stik-on Bib™...


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