The revolutionary no-hassle Disp

The revolutionary no-hassle Disposable Stik-on Bib™ (the original bib that sticks on) easily and securely sticks onto clothing which makes it more convenient to apply and remove. The Stik-on Bib is safer because it does not tie or otherwise affix around the neck so it does not pose the risk of strangulation. Look at the unique features and benefits of the Stik-on Bib:  

     Made of Soft and Thick Non-Toxic Material;

     Super-Absorbent and Durable;


     Protects Clothing from Food & Liquids;


     Hygienic and Safer (no more tieing around the neck);


     Disposable (rid of washings, hardened and permanently soiled bibs);


     Designed with or without a crumb pocket;


     Cost-Effective, Convenient and 85% Biodegradable; and


     May be Customized with a company's Name, Logo or Design.


Because the bib sticks on, it is removed very easily and does not harm fabric and clothing.

  Stik-on Bib sizes: mini, small-9x9, Medium-9x11, large-11x14 and extra large


**The U.S. Products Safety Commission states that NO items, including bibs, should be tied around a child's neck.**


The Stik-on Bib is useful and advantageous to many markets including:


∙Children: the safer alternative to using bibs and great for parents on the go;


∙Restaurants: perfect for restaurants which usually have plastic bibs that do not absorb liquids; or cloth napkins which are 'tucked' into shirts, doesn't provide sufficient coverage and has a tendency to fall off;


∙Geriatric and Special Care: our elderly prefers to feel independent by not having on a bib that ties around their neck. This helps them to maintain their dignity as adults; and


∙Other markets include Dentistry, Airlines, etc.


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